We are a professional Laser, Spa and Beauty clinic in the heart of Teneriffe.

We offer indulgent spa therapies, corrective skincare treatments, and use incredibly advanced medical-grade technology that offers truly transformative results.

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Archon Spas formed in 2015 out of the need to create a brand that would meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated market. We also recognised the need to create specialised therapies that would reflect the growing male demographic. Beauty salons and day spas are often tailored specifically to women, even though men are now visiting them more than ever before. A lot of salons treat male spa therapies as an afterthought rather than it being inclusive from the start. This is why all of our treatments were designed with both men and women in mind. It’s also why we have achieved a perfect 50/50 male to female client ratio; something we are very proud of.

We are looking forward to continuing this success with our clients and growing the brand further. We have big ideas planned and would love you to join us on this beautiful journey.

Archon Branding Logo

The name ARCHON (pronounced ARKON) is derived from the Greek word APXOVTAS which means ruler in both monarchy or business. The Greek word APXON represents ‘starting’ or ‘new beginnings’. The Greek and English words have been combined in the logo in the form of the ‘R’.

ARCHON is also a genus of butterfly and we felt that the ARCHON name was a very fitting identifier. It represents us as leaders within the industry as well as our ability to create physical and beauty transformations.

“The butterfly will emerge from its cocoon to start a new journey”.

The colours that we use to represent the brand were originally inspired by the Archon Butterfly itself (black, white, mustard and orange). The warm and moody tones help to imbue a natural sense of calm and relaxation which are perfect for our spa treatments. We have taken these natural warm tones and reflected them in our use of imagery, like that of sunkissed skin, natural oak woods and sands from far away lands.

Our treatments and services have been designed to meet the highest quality standards and expectations by our clients and are performed by fully qualified therapists. We are a professional and friendly team who are well renowned in the industry for our level of dedication and passion.

We always ensure that our clients are treated with absolute discretion and professionalism.

An inspiring team of Doctors, Therapists + Aestheticians

The team at ARCHON Spas has over 40 years of beauty and aesthetic experience harbouring globally recognised qualifications and invaluable international experience. We are a small team, but this affords us the ability to run a professional and sophisticated operation. Our aim is to ensure everyone walks away feeling refreshed and looking their best.

What we believe in


We take great pride in the work we do and the care for our clients. This is why we always ensure we always keep high levels of safety and hygiene practices at all times.


We aim to please! The work we do is directly reflected by our clients and their level of satisfaction, and it’s always important that everyone walks away happy with our service.


Innovation is the driving force behind what makes us who we are. It enables us to constantly improve Satisfaction, our skill set and our range of unique treatment options.


We are able to achieve fantastic results for clients with problematic, aged or damaged skin; but it is restoring confidence that offers up the most dramatic beauty transformation of all.

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