Brisbane Massage & Massage Infusions

Take away the day’s troubles with Swedish or Relaxation Massage techniques, available in any of our spa packages.


Brisbane Massage Treatment Types & Methods

Feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated with the touch of our massage therapists trained in both relaxation and Swedish massage techniques.


A classic massage technique, Swedish massage is a proven way to stimulate circulation, nourish your tissues, flush out toxins and comfort tired muscles. For absolute relaxation and calmness experience the healing touch of Swedish massage throughout your whole body.

Our experienced Swedish massage therapist can produce a dramatic influence on the health and mental condition of the person being massaged. Available in any of our spa packages.


With the stress that daily life often brings it’s important to sometimes take time out and rejuvenate your tired body and drained mind. It’s a must-have for today’s busy individuals. With our dimly lit massage rooms, beautifully scented oils and soothing ambient music it isn’t uncommon for people to drift off during their relaxation massage treatment. But be assured that once the treatment ends you will feel completely revitalised and a new sense of awakening will overcome your body and mind. Our gentle relaxation massage is available in any of our spa packages.

Cedarwood Massage Infusion

Available within any of our spa packages, this massage infusion was designed to relax the mind and is popular amongst all of our clients. A natural woody fragrance of 5 different 100% essential oils, that induce anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and antioxidant properties to the skin. You’ll walk away with a sense of calm that will last the rest of the day. Choose either a relaxation or a Swedish style technique with your therapist.

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Arctic Massage Infusion


If your body has become sore from injury or exercise then our Arctic Massage infusion is a perfect treatment option. This massage uses natural essential oils to help with the cleansing of toxins, and Menthol as a means to block pain receptors and cool down aches and pains. This helps you to relax during the massage providing a more comfortable experience. Perfect for Brisbane’s hotter weather to help cool the body and is popular amongst Brisbane’s active community.


Citrus Massage Infusion

Using only the best 100% natural essential oils, citrus helps to neutralise acid in the body and stimulate the immune system to fight off infections. Another key feature of citrus is that it helps to lift the mood by providing an uplifting and invigorating sense of wellbeing. If you’re feeling slumber and love citrus scents then our citrus massage will certainly put some zing back in your step. Available within any of our spa packages.


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