Laser Tattoo Removal Brisbane

Don’t live with tattoo regret longer than you should. Laser tattoo removal technology is now an affordable and effective solution to remove your tattoos.


Laser Tattoo Removal

SUPERIOR Colour Tattoo Removal

Lots of people choose to remove tattoos that they had done when they were younger, and others just want to revert back to cleaner looking skin. Whatever your reason our technology can help with the removal of your ink. We are able to process both coloured and black inks with our laser technology and offer incredible results. Book your free laser tattoo removal consultation today.

In the last decade, laser systems have been developed and improved to safely and effectively remove pigment from the layers of the skin. A tattoo is a denser form of pigment, one that is artificial compared to freckles and dark spots. If tattoos are to be removed properly, only tried and tested technology must be used. Among these, the laser we use is the GOLD standard in laser tattoo removal technology.

During treatment, fast pulses of light are directed on the tattoo, breaking up the pigment molecules into smaller particles. Tattoo ink and natural pigmentation, like melanin in freckles, absorb these pulses so quickly that they create a photo-acoustic effect within the pigment clusters. This breaks down the ink into much smaller particles that are eventually removed by the body’s own natural filtering system.

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Treatment TypeCost
Laser Tattoo Removal – 2 x 2cm$75
Laser Tattoo Removal – 5 x 5cm$100
Laser Tattoo Removal – 5 x 10cm$150
Laser Tattoo Removal – 10 x 10cm$200
Laser Tattoo Removal – 10 x 20cm$250
Laser Tattoo Removal – 20 x 20cm$300
Laser Tattoo Removal – 20 x 30cm$350
Laser Tattoo Removal – 30 x 30cm$400
Laser Tattoo Removal – 30 x 40cm$450
Laser Tattoo Removal – 40 x 40cm$500

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