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Our RX-ELITE Facials are progressive treatments, rather than purely aggressive ones. It is a common misconception that professional peels must always show visible flaking, scabbing or that excess downtime is required for them to be effective. This is simply not true for the majority of people looking for skin rejuvenation. Although the skin may show flaking after your treatment it is not the only goal. We aim to infuse the skin with beneficial and nourishing ingredients that allow your skin to reach optimal health levels and the best environment for cell renewal.

It is here where the greatest results can be achieved.

RX-ELITE Facials Include:

Your treatment/s :

  • A Skin Care Consultation
  • A Deep Cleanse
  • An Exfoliating Treatment and Extractions (if required)
  • A High Performance Mask
  • RX-Elite Deep Pore Cleanse
  • A Prescribed RX-Elite Mask
  • High Performance Alginate Mask (RX-PRO Only)
  • Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage (RX-PRO Only)
  • Speciality Eye Cream and Antioxidant Serum
  • and SPF Sunscreen if required

Additional Extras:

  • A Complimentary Beer, Wine or Seasonal Beverage
  • Lemongrass Refreshment Towel on Arrival
  • An Award-Winning Salon in a Relaxing Environment
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Choose from 6 Different RX-Elite Facials

RX Express Facial

1 Hour RX-Elite Facials

RX Elite Facial - Benefactor


Photo Damage & Aging Skin

This mask is suitable for problem skin, including conditions associated with premature aging, photo-damage, hyper-pigmentation and scarring. The benefits include aiding in cell renewal, softening of the skin, and lightening and brightening the complexion. Some of the featured ingredients of the peel include Lactic acid, Apple extracts, Blueberry puree, Cherry puree, Bromelain and Fungal Protease. This unique treatment mask incorporates advanced botanicals and pro-vitamins to aid in the skin’s overall appearance.

Price : $150

RX Elite Facial - Detox


For Red, Oily, Toxic Skin

The RX-Express Detox Facial is ideal for problematic skin that experiences redness, enlarged pores, mild scarring and general toxicity issues. The peel is beneficial for these conditions by helping to exfoliate, mattify, detoxify and calming down the overall nature of the skin. The treatment utilises featured ingredients including AGP Complex (Arabino-Galactan-Protein) which is derived from wine and includes both Vitamin A and Antioxidant benefits. L-Limonene is also used as a purifying antioxidant, along with salicylic acid, lactic acid and tartaric acid (AHA).

Price : $180

RX Elite Facial - Timeless


Melasma, Hyperpigmentation & Aging

The Timeless Peel is an effective peel that works to restore growth of healthy, young skin cells. The Timeless Peel increases the skins ceramide production and moisture level to give an age-defying, smooth-textured complexion. Unlike traditional acid peels which simply exfoliate the skin, the high-potency 40% Retinol AGP Complex gives a more corrective approach to peeling. Vitamin A works much deeper within the skin, able to address such concerns like Melasma, hyperpigmentation and even deeper lines which form in the dermis.

Price : $220

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1.5 Hour RX-Elite Facials


The RX-Pro Facials incorporate all the ingredients and benefits of their express counterparts, but with a highly relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage to increase blood circulation, recovery and to help oxygenate the skin. Increased blood flow helps to increase the production of collagen and the uptake of the treatment ingredients. A high-performing and deeply moisturising Alginate mask is also included in the RX-Pro Facials. The Alginate mask is derived from seaweed and contains a vast amount of useful vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to our skin; further helping to regenerate and aid in the metabolism of the dermis for greater results.

RX Elite Facial - Benefactor Pro


Photo Damage & Aging Skin

The RX-PRO Benefactor Facial includes an extra facial, neck and shoulder massage, and a high-performance Alginate Mask. Upgrade to the RX-PRO facial and save $40.

Was $220 Now $180

RX Elite Facial - Detox Pro


For Red, Oily, Toxic Skin

The RX-PRO Detox Facial includes an extra facial, neck and shoulder massage, and a high-performance Alginate Mask. Upgrade to the RX-PRO Facial and save $40.

Was $250 Now $210

RX Elite Facial - Timeless Pro


Melasma, Hyperpigmentation & Aging

The RX-PRO Timeless Facial includes an extra facial, neck and shoulder massage, and a high-performance Alginate Mask. Upgrade to the RX-PRO Facial and save $40.

Was $290 Now $250

Maximum Efficacy Without A Prescription!


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