Skin Needling / Microneedling


Skin Needling or Microneedling with the most advanced regenerative technology available.


Skin Needling & Microneedling for Improving Wrinkles, Sagging and Ageing Skin.


Skin Needling is also referred to as Microneedling, and is delivered via the MDerma. This is the most advanced skin needling technology currently available. Our therapists can help eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, acne and acne scarring. Don’t be fooled by dermal rollers and lesser imitations as they don’t produce enough microtrauma to generate the desired response. The MDerma penetrates the skin at multiple depths up to 96,000 times per minute and is 60% more effective and efficient at delivering the desired microtrauma compared with other micro needling technologies. It is so advanced we are also able to treat the lower eyelids, nose, and lips.

3 Stages to Natural Rejuvenation




Microneedles are applied to the surface of the skin which causes microtrauma to the problem areas. The skin is treated with post-needling serums to help stimulate epidermal growth.




After your skin needling treatment, the skin begins to heal itself by producing new collagen, elastin, fibroblasts and new healthy skin cells.




The skin begins to appear tighter, fresher, fuller, and smoother. Eliminating the severity of lines, wrinkles and textures, and promoting a healthier even skin tone.


Skin Needling & Microneedling for Acne Scars, Pigmentation & Aging

Skin Needling is a fast and effective treatment with similar results to fractional laser treatments. The delivery system of skin needling that we recommend is via the M-Derma, which is the latest in skin needling technology. Skin needling promotes the natural release of the skin’s collagen and elastin fibroblasts for amazing anti-aging benefits.

As we age the natural production of the skin’s supporting cells, fibroblasts, and the skin’s collagen and elastin naturally diminish leading to wrinkles, sagging and hollows.

Microneedling involves causing micro-trauma to the skin through small needle punctures which then prompt the release of new collagen and elastin as part of the healing process.

These injuries prompt the skin to go into healing mode. This, in turn, reduces the signs of aging, sagging, scarring, wrinkles, hollows, and uneven skin tone.

This type of skin needling collagen induction therapy can be used for skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation, acne scars and wound healing, improvement in wrinkles and fine lines and to minimise pore size.

The MDerma is a revolutionary device that penetrates the skin up to 96,000 times per minute and at customised depths depending on the area of skin being treated.

The treatment is undertaken with minimal discomfort as the anaesthetic cream is applied 1-hour beforehand. It is quick, a tolerable treatment that benefits the skin greatly and will greatly benefit those suffering from prominent acne or scarring. As part of this treatment, you will also receive a complimentary microdermabrasion 1 week later.

Skin Needling Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Skin Needling Used For?

    The use of skin needling has been clinically proven to aid in a number of skin conditions. The treatment can soften wrinkles, fill in lines, improve skin texture and tone, reduce scars and acne scars, stretch marks and improve chicken pox scars. It is a great treatment to promote collagen production which aids in the repair of many skin problems.

  • What Areas Can Skin Needling Be Performed On?

    Skin needling can be used on any area of the body. One of the benefits of being able to adjust the depth of the needles is that you can control the treatment for specific areas. So areas around the nose, forehead or areas of shallow skin only require a small penetration. This also applies to bony areas such as fingers, elbows or the bridge of the nose. Other areas such as cheeks or arms and legs can be treated more aggressively.

  • Can Skin Needling Be Performed On Dark Skin?

    Skin needling works through the body’s own repair systems due to the microtrauma caused by the needles. Unlike lasers that can target pigmentation, skin needling is a safe procedure that works on all skin types and colours.

  • Should I Prepare My Skin Beforehand?

    We will examine your skin beforehand to ensure that it is safe and receptive to the procedure. As part of this examination, we will prepare the skin appropriately with our own cleansers and alcohol. There is no need to cleanse or scrub your skin in preparation for your treatment.

  • Does Skin Needling Hurt?

    Before we do any skin needling treatment, we always anaesthetise using a topical anaesthetic prior to your treatment. This minimises any discomfort during the procedure. You will be aware of the pressure and some areas may experience pain due to the depth, however, the treatment is well tolerated by clients. We aim to make all our treatments as pain-free as possible. If you are in any discomfort we can apply additional anaesthetic before proceeding.

  • What Is The Procedure Like?

    Your skin needling will be performed by one of our trained and skilled therapists. You will be required to apply anaesthetic to your skin in advance, which we will often leave for at least 45 minutes. The numbing sensation of your skin will be a unique experience in itself for a lot of patients. Once the skin is numb (we will test this) we will then wipe off the excess numbing gel and cleanse the skin to remove dirt, sunscreen and any contaminants.

    Alcohol is applied to ensure the skin is suitably clean and prepared. We will do a few test passes with the MDerma to see how you feel and how your skin responds. Some areas due to the vibration may tickle, such as around the nose, and nostrils. You will be aware of the pressure and the sound of the machine but for the most part, you shouldn’t feel anything at all. Some areas around the eyes or forehead may feel a prickling sensation but it is quite mild and tolerable.

  • Is Skin Needling Painful?

    Because we use a topical anaesthetic prior to the treatment pain is often fairly minimal. There are some areas that may feel pain due to the depth of the needle, or proximity to bone (such as the bridge of the nose or forehead). Typically though the treatment is pain-free.

  • What Are Skin Needling Benefits?

    After your treatment, your skin typically feels warm and may also feel raw for 1-3 days. This sensation is similar to a bad sunburn. The skin usually feels very tight and dry for the first week. Sometimes you may also experience a little oedema (watery fluid) or light bruising. At 5-7 days after your treatment, we recommend a microdermabrasion to assist in removing any excess dead skin. This initial microdermabrasion is complimentary.

    A course of microdermabrasion and/or LED treatments is also advantageous throughout your skin needling course. Typically we recommend 4 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart for noticeable rejuvenation. If treating scarring or stretch marks, then more may be required. This would be discussed with the therapist at your initial consultation.

    Skin needling benefits a wide range of skin conditions. Because the results are achieved through the skin’s natural healing process, skin needling is also often referred to as a natural therapy. This is important as more and more people begin to look for more natural aesthetic results. Results that are determined by your genetics and natural beauty, not by a plastic surgeon.

    Some of the direct skin needling benefits can include corrections to the following conditions:

    • Promotes firmer skin
    • Reduces fine lines and character lines
    • Reduces enlarged pores
    • Sun damaged skin
    • Hyper and hypopigmentation
    • Dark circles
    • Scar tissue, and acne scars
    • Stretch marks
    • Premature skin ageing
    • Improves blood supply
  • How Many Skin Needling Treatments Will I Need?

    Because everyone has different types of skin and suffer from different skin conditions you will need to come in for a free consultation. Generally, for standard skin rejuvenation, 2-4 treatments are recommended. If you currently have acne scarring then up to 6 treatments will be beneficial to you, and if you have stretch marks then upwards of 8 treatments will be beneficial. However, please see us in person so we can determine the best treatment course. You may require less or we may even recommend a peel if that is more appropriate.

  • Does Skin Needling Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

    Skin needling helps to reduce acne scars by softening the fibrous scar tissue. As a result, the skin forms new collagen which helps to return the skin to its natural state and an even skin tone. A number of treatments will be required for deep scars, but we have had success with a wide range of scar types.

  • Does Skin Needling Make You Bleed?

    Yes. For the treatment to be clinically effective we need to visibly see petechiae (small dots of blood) when treating the skin. Making the skin red (erythema) does not induce collagenases, which is why it is important we reach the correct needle depth.

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